Vogelsang pumps


Official partner in Estonia

Ipumps is the official cooperation partner of Vogelsang pumps in Estonia.

Vogelsang industrial pumps guarantee correct operation and efficiency, thereby ensuring a high-quality result. The design and functionality of the pumps are well engineered and thought out, making them ideal for heavy loads and stresses in various industries.

As a Vogelsang partner, we can offer comprehensive services from planning to regular maintenance. In addition, we are a cooperation partner to help solve all kinds of problems.

Durable solutions

Regardless of the field of work and the requirements, Vogelsang pumps offer durable solutions that can deliver highly abrasive material and are very easy to maintain. At the same time, they are exceptionally powerful: Vogelsang pumps withstand pressure differences of 1 m3/t – 1400 m3/t up to 16 bar.

Rotary lobe pumps

Created by Vogelsang and constantly updated – a rotating elastomer covered pump. Truly universal solutions with many different options. Extremely space-saving, easy to maintain and efficient.

Labarootorpump ja hammasrataspump

Progressive cavity pump

CC-series uses the proven principle of screw pump innovation, uniquely easy-to-maintain design. Parts can be changed in a minimum of time without disassembling the pipes.


Suitable for many different applications, be it unclogging sewers, cut down foreign matter and prepare the suspension in biogas plants or processing food waste in the food industry. Debris and heavy material handling systems are in many cases a good adjunct for easy and efficient handling of separated foreign matter.